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Transformational epidural injections

An epidural steroid contains corticosteroids that wrap around the nerves and can reduce levels of swelling and inflammation, which are the causes of chronic pain.

Dermatology Consultation

I was admitted Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Cypress due to broken bone femur and was under care of Dr. Ali. I wasn’t able to walk and Dr. Ali was helping with all medical needed and now I am able to walk again. Dr. Ali and staff are kind, caring and compassionate. I would highly recommend Dr. Ali and staff are very knowledgeable and professionally.

- Vicky Bakir


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What is it?

A nerve root block (transforaminal) is an injection into the sheath surrounding a nerve root in the spine to decrease your pain temporarily and to define it more precisely. The exam uses therapeutic steroid and local anesthetic (numbing medication) to decrease pain and inflammation. Pain relief from the procedure varies from minimal to long-term, depending on the specific symptoms.

You must have symptoms present for this procedure to be effective. If you are not experiencing symptoms prior to your procedure, please cancel your appointment and reschedule the exam once your symptoms have returned.

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What are the steps?

  • The patient is usually on their stomach.

  • Blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels are all monitored prior to and after the procedure.

  • The neck/back is cleaned thoroughly using an antiseptic to eliminate any risk of infection.

  • A needle is inserted into the region that is most painful for the patient.

  • The physician will use a fluoroscope to pinpoint the exact root of the pain. Using landmarks and contrast material (if needed), the correct nerve root and pattern will be identified and medication will be administered. 

  • The injection should take a maximum of 15 minutes.

  • Follow-up assessments will be scheduled to see how the patient is reacting to the medicine.

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Need More Information?

We know that sometimes you need a little more information to make a decision. 


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