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There are a wide variety of different medications that can help to control your pain. Our doctor works closely with you to choose the right medication.

Homeopathic Medicine
Dermatology Consultation

I have worked with Dr. Danish at ArchPoint Pain on a professional level and I am always impressed with his ability to communicate well and make me feel like more than just a number. If I lived in the Houston area I would 100% go to him for my medical needs.

- Bjorn Johnson


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What is it?

Medication management therapy – or MTM – is a treatment system used by doctors to ensure that patients are receiving optimal therapeutic outcomes for the prescription medications that they may be taking. Medication Management Therapy is used to cover a broad range of professional activities, such as:

  • Performing patient assessments or a comprehensive review of prescriptions and their possible interaction or side effects.

  • Formulating both short and long term medication treatment plans.

  • Monitoring the safety and efficacy of any and all prescription medication plans.

  • Ensuring directional or instruction-based compliance through patient education.

  • Better documentation and communication between MTM service providers in order to maintain a high standard of care among medical professionals.

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Need More Information?

We know that sometimes you need a little more information to make a decision. 


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