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End of the Year Newsletter

Happy Holidays and New Year from everyone at ArchPoint!

ArchPoint Foundation

Please take time to look at the ArchPoint Foundation website. We are promoting initiatives to help those who need it most. We welcome you to join our endeavors aimed at making the world a better place!

Dr. Ali's Special Fox26 Segment: How to prevent fentanyl overdose A mother is coping with the death of her 14 year old son. In this Isiah segment, she shares her story of grief and a warning to parents. Dr. Danish Ali explains how to administer Narcan in case of a fentanyl overdose to prevent death. Watch Here

Please Sign Up for Our Patient Portal As a reminder if you have not done so yet: We're using athenahealth to help you access your health information for different doctors' offices with just one email and password. Login/Sign up

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